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Matthew Liam Gardner

Matthew Liam Gardner

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In 2013 Matthew quit his job, sold his house and committed to going wherever he had to go, to spend whatever he had to spend, to learn from whoever he had to learn from, and to do whatever he had to do to answer these 4 questions... 1. WHO AM I? 2. WHAT AM I HERE TO DO? 3. HOW DO I DO IT? 4. WHAT’S STOPPING ME? The journey took him around the world.�Along the way he met and learned from coaches, speakers, elders, trainers, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, inventors, CEOs, happy old hippies, village chiefs, ancient texts, monks and industry innovators. He returned to a different co-creating on tropical transformation retreats, to delivering epic-remote adventure experiences, to living in tree-houses and cabins in the wood, to deep connections and inspired shared-visions, to coaching, training and facilitating experiences for over 180,000 through powerful transformative journey’s in workshops, seminars and coaching sessions across Australia, to hosting young entrepreneur incubators, to working intimately with industry leaders from around the world.

Now Matthew is received as a soul-driven, aquarian-age visionary who is an important voice for the future of humanity as we navigate into a new chapter of the Human story. As part of this legacy Matthew works with, trains and initiates emerging elders from all over the world in sacred initiation journeys and activates conscious men and leaders of men into deeply embodied Conscious Kings who lead and speak with fierce love and landed soul-essence.

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